Restaurant & Pub ~ Thong Krut ~ Koh Samui ~ Thailand

Main Menu


 Up-dated 26th April 2018


Prawn cake with salad - 180B

Chicken dipping sticks with garlic mayo - 160B

Chicken satay with peanut dip - 160B

Chicken wing honey - 160B

Spare rib black pepper and garlic - 160B

Laab pork or chicken - 160B

Thai spring rolls - 140B


Fried rice with pork or chicken - 120B                                                            

Fried rice with prawns - 140B

Fried rice seafood - 160B    

Fried rice chicken and pineapple - 140B

Fried Noodle  pad thai –  - 120B 

Fried noodles soy sauce with pork or chicken -  120B

Fried noodle sea food - 160B

Stir fried chicken or pork with cashew nuts - 200B

Stir fried chicken or pork sweet and sour - 180B

Stir fried chicken or pork with ginger - 180B

Stirfried chicken or pork with oyster sauce - 180B

Stir fried chicken or pork with garlic & pepper - 180B

Stir fried chicken or pork with thai basil - 180B

Stir fried chicken or pork with thai red curry - 180B

Chicken or pork  thai green curry - 180B

Chicken curry masaman - 180B

Chicken or pork panang curry- 180B

Chicken coconut soup with lemon grass & galanga - 180B

Stir fried crispy pork with thai green leaf - 180B


Stir fried crispy pork with chilli and thai basil - 180B


Stir fried mixed vegetables with soy - 100B


Stir fried green kale with oyster sauce - 100B



Sea food in coconut soup – Tom Kha - 220B

Traditional thai tom yum seafood - 220B

Tom yum gung ( with prawns ) - 220B

Sea food glass noodle salad - 220B

Prawn salad with chilli and lemon grass - 220 B


Local fresh fish - Prices start at 350B 

Fried fish with Thai red curry  sauce and basil

Fried fish with garlic and pepper

Fried fish sweet and sour

Fried fish with tamarind sauce

Fried fish with Thai herbs

Steamed fish with lemon

Steamed fish with lemon grass and ginger

Steamed fish with soy sauce


King Prawns (when available) - 340B

Roast king prawn plain

Roast king prawn with salt

Roast king prawn with olive oil

Roast king prawn with glass noodles

Roast King prawn with garlic and chilli


Fried prawns with seasonal vegetables - 220B

Fried prawns with tamarind sauce      - 220B

Fried prawn sweet and sour -220B

Fried prawns with curry sauce - 220B

Fried prawn thai chilli paste - 220B

Fried prawns with  garlic and pepper - 220B

Prawn tempura - 220B

Fried crab with curry sauce - 220B

Fried crab with soy sauce - 220B

Fried crab with black pepper - 220B

Fried squid with garlic pepper - 180B

Fried squid with seasonal vegetables  - 180B

Sea food tempura - 220B



Spaghetti Bolognaise  -  200B

Wiener Schnitzel with French Fries - 220B

Ham with 2 Eggs and French Fries  -  200B

Lasagne with salad garnish- 220B

Chilli con carne- 200B

Coq au Vin with mashed potato or buttered boiled potato or chips. -240B

Fish chips and peas - 220B

Cumberland sausage (3) onion gravy with
mashed potato or buttered boiled potato or chips.  - 220B

Two Cumberland sausages, two fried eggs, chips and bake beans  - 200B

Large bone in Pork Chop in onion gravy
with peas mashed potato or buttered boiled potato or chips.
Served with homemade apple sauce  -  220B

Gammon steak with chips, peas, fried egg and pineapple - 220B

Hideaway Burger

A 150 Gm (6 oz) homemade burger served

with salad and fried onions.   -  180 B

Hideaway homemade cheese burger

A 150 Gm (6 oz) homemade burger served

with salad and fried onions.  200 B

Topped with cheddar cheese not that plastic                  

pre sliced excuse for cheese most other places use.        

Add pineapple 20B extra - Add bacon  40B extra - Add beetroot   20B extra


3 Egg Omelette  -  90 B

Have it plain or add fillings –

Onion ----20B extra

Tomato----  20B extra

Bacon---- 50B extra

Ham ---- 50B  extra

Cheese ---- 50B extra

Add fries  -  80B extra


All Day Breakfast -                                                                                                                                                               

 Bacon / 2 Fried eggs  / Sausage / Fried Tomato / 2 Toast / Butter & Jam / Tea or Coffee - 240B

Add baked beans -50B : Add Hash browns -50B

Beans on toast -140B  Add cheese on top -60B



Plain with butter and salad garnish - 120B

Add extra toppings

Cheese - 60B extra

Ham - 60B extra

Pineapple - 30B extra

Tuna mayo - 50 B extra

Baked beans - 50B extra



Plain or toasted

Ham and Tomato  -  120B

Tuna Salad with Mayo on the side - 120B

Egg mayo - 100B

Fried Bacon - 100B

Fried Bacon and Fried egg - 120B

Sausage fried onion -120B

Cheese - 100B

Cheese and onion - 120B

Cheese and tomato - 120B

Cheese and ham - 140B

Chip butty - 120B

BLT - Bacon lettuce and tomato with mayo -150B



Rice  -  20B

Small plate of fries  -  80B

Large Plate of Fries -140B

Cheesy chips ---

Small - 140B

Large 190B 

Baked beans - 50B



Homemade Indian Curries from the 'Hideaway Home Kitchen'.

All are curries are made the traditional way using herbs and spices.

We use no curry powder.

Curries are subject to availability.


Chicken Korma - mild

A mild creamy curry with a hint of coconut - 240B


Chicken Tikka Masala - Mild

Chunks of barbecued chicken breast in a masala sauce - 240B


Lamb Rogan Josh - Medium

Shoulder of lamb in a medium spiced tomato and capsicum sauce - 260B


Beef Madras - Hot

Pasture fed Australian beef in a hot madras sauce - 260B


Chicken Jalfrezi - Medium

Marinated chunks of chicken breast in a medium hot sauce - 240B


Chicken Vindaloo - Hot

Chicken in a a hot vindaloo sauce - 240B


Naan bread - 50B

Lightly spiced Basmati rice - 40B

Plain steamed rice - 20B

Chips - 80B



A choice of -
Crispy belly pork with apple sauce
Cheese and pineapple
Cheese and ham

Served with

Lettuce - Tomato - Cucumber - Pickled Red Cabbage
Pickled Beetroot - Coleslaw - Boiled Egg

All at 240B

Plain mixed salad - 100B



Please ask for available flavours.

3 Scoops in a bowl - 80B

Banana Showboat - 120B

Knickerbocker Glory - 120B